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There are so many great websites around, and each and every one of them is hard to know. Some of those websites I find especially helpful are provided in the list below, although they are not as popular or as prevalent as some of the major names out there.


The internet has become a fairly complex place over the years, with users now also needing to register on websites by supplying information such as their name, date of birth and a working email address to gain access to news paper articles or other material that is not so important. It is still pretty strenuous and aggravating to go through the sign-up process, and doing so on a website that you are most likely not to use again anytime soon brings it up a notch to be downright infuriating. To top it all off, most websites that World Wide Web patrons are invited to sign up on are very likely to add to their mailing lists the email addresses they register with, resulting in them receiving hordes of spam emails on a regular basis.

Are you constantly bugged, even though you don’t want to share your password, to sign up for websites? If that’s right, then BugMeNot is for you. BugMeNot has exchanged logins across thousands of websites that can be used, instead of creating new logins.

2.Zero Dollar Movies

If you are constantly searching for free full-length movies, then Zero Dollar movies deliver a selection of over 15,000 multi-language movies that can be viewed on Youtube for free. Only full length movies and no trailers, or partial uploads, are indexed. In addition, it has a clean interface, which leads to a positive experience watching movies.


TinEye is a search application for reverse images that is as reliable as the Reverse Image search tool from Google. TinEye offers a collection of APIs that can be used for personal and commercial purposes, as opposed to Google, which makes it very convenient for developers.

This is a one-stop solution for converting one file type to another without having to sign up for a file up to 50 MB in size. Over 1,200 types of files are hosted by the site. All you need to do is upload your file, choose the format and enter your email address — the file will be sent to the email address you mentioned after conversion. The site is free to use and you do not have to pay money to complete your task. It has easy to use interface and the navigation is also very easy.

5.Short Reckonings

The website allows its users to keep track of their shared expenses. You can easily access this website as it is easy to use and the navigation is deceptively simple as it allows you to enter expenses with the fewest possible clicks. The other best part is that this site has ad-free interface which makes it more popular among other users.

6.Apartment Therapy

If you’re even a bit of a fan of home décor or DIY designs, you might find yourself spending hours and hours on this website. There’s a lot of excellent written and visual material here.  Some of my favorites are  “before and after” series, their “small spaces” series, and the tours of people’s actual apartments and homes. Plus, they have a lot of helpful articles that offer advice on everything from how to redo your stairs to views on using that tight room above your refrigerator. There’s no shortage of helpful and enjoyable details here, making it perfect for browsing endlessly.

7.A Soft Murmur

When you take a break from your usual work grind, set yourself up with A Soft Murmur for true focus. This website is your white-noise machine that is customizable. Accessible as an app for both iOS and Android, the dashboard offers you sliding volume bars for five distinct sounds of nature: rain, thunder, waves, wind, and fire.

This website lets you adjust the volume of each of its five sound effects individually; creating an outdoor atmosphere that resembles your favorite soothing activity. For the sound of a distant storm outside your house, you can turn on “Rain” and “Thunder”.

8.Gravity Points

Gravity Points, created by Akimitsu Hamamuro, is a digital “pen” and it is quite exciting. By allowing you to plot small gravity centers across your screen, the website simulates the impact of gravity. Then, even smaller floating objects will flock to and orbit these centers of gravity.  The more centers of gravity you map, the more these forces tend to fight, making your screen all the more chaotic. And indeed, in order to produce a black hole, the gravity points will swallow each other.


Airbnb is an online marketplace that connects individuals who want to rent their homes to individuals in that location who are looking for accommodation. It currently covers more than 100,000 cities worldwide and 220 countries. The name of the company stems from “air mattress B&B.”  Airbnb hosts list various different types of properties on the Airbnb website, such as single rooms, a suite of rooms, studios, moored yachts, houseboats, whole homes, and even a castle. Today airbnb has expanded its offerings to include experiences and restaurants.  In addition to a list of available hotels for the dates they expect to fly, individuals searching by location can see a list of experiences provided by local Airbnb hosts, such as classes and sightseeing. Restaurant listings also contain Airbnb hosts’ ratings.

On things like spa days, fancy restaurants and city breaks, Groupon offers daily deals. It’s not exactly the place to go to for student life’s essentials, but perhaps it’s a good way to treat you at the end of a stressful exam period. Vouchers are bought early and must typically be redeemed by a certain date, after which they expire. Groupon markets itself to companies as a way to encourage new customers. Groupon is a public corporation (NASDAQ: GRPN) with its headquarters in Chicago, IL.

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