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startup business friendly countries
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Opportunities exist everywhere — not just in your own home country or hometown!

Hoping to launch your startup Business Company overseas?

If so, you might want to consider locating your company in one of the super-up friendly nations. When selecting the country in which to launch a start-up, Not only do you have to think about what kind of business you will be doing but also you need to read about administrative, legal, and tax regulations.

Countries worldwide have their company registration rules and regulations as well as launch different initiatives to lure entrepreneurs in choosing their country.

10 Best Startup Business Friendly Countries

#1. New Zealand


According to The World Bank, New Zealand is the best country in the world to start and run a startup business.

As an entrepreneur looking to take your business to new heights, New Zealand could be an option to consider in your strategy, it is crucial to understand your rights as a foreign investor when expanding your company into new markets.

New Zealand is a popular choice for entrepreneurs as there are no restrictions on the flow of capital from a New Zealand business to overseas investors, so you can effectively set up a new branch of your business and transfer assets to your home country.

#2. Singapore

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Singapore is home to the world’s top companies across all industries, in part, due to its location in the heart of South-east Asia and proximity to emerging markets of India and China.

It is the world’s busiest port and a top location for investments in the Asia Pacific region. Singapore does not impose any restrictions on the movement of foreign currency into or out of the country.

This friction less movement of funds across borders can provide extreme flexibility to a business.

#3. Hong Kong


Are you thinking of launching your startup business in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong has always been an exciting place for entrepreneurs all over the world to startup business. It has one of the most dynamic and stable economies and relatively low tax rates as a top financial center for many entrepreneurs.

To complement their simple tax scheme, Hong Kong charges some of the lowest tax rates in the world. This is the primary reason why foreigners are trying to start a business in Hong Kong.

For foreigners and local businesses that are set at the lowest rate of approximately 16.5 percent, the profit tax is the same.

#4. Switzerland

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Switzerland is one of the most profitable business locations in Europe. The Liberal market conditions of this place along with a future-oriented research and technology base positions the country as an open and favorable location for domestic and foreign businesses alike.

One of the most profitable market locations in Europe is Switzerland. Together with a future-oriented research and technology base, the liberal business conditions of this location positions the country as an open and favorable location for domestic and foreign businesses alike.

 #5. United Arab Emirates

Source: skynews

In the ranking of destinations for new emerging businesses, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) ranks first in the Arab world.

As the leading city in the UAE, Dubai has developed over the last four decades to become a global business center, creating many opportunities for start-up firms to succeed. Company registration in Dubai is a comparatively simple process similar to other global economies.

#6. Japan

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Japan is the world’s third-largest economy after the US and China and the second largest computer and telecommunications market in the world.

The tax system of Japan is extremely well developed and fully transparent which makes it easier for foreign businesses to understand. The government of Japan is democratic and stable which makes the nation much easier to start a new business.

The Japanese government has an extremely liberal foreign investment policy which plays a vital role in encouraging foreign businesses to set up in Japan.

There are only a few formal restrictions imposed by the Japanese Government on foreign direct investment. So if the restrictions are lower, more foreign investments flow thereby making Japan one of the best places in Asia to start a new business venture.

#7. USA

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The United States has long been a top investment destination and regularly ranks among the best internationally for its competitiveness, creativity, and ease of doing startup business.

It offers the world’s largest consumer market, and a market-driven and transparent economy.  It is home to nearly all the top corporate. It follows the policy of capitalism, globalization, and a free enterprise economy in contrast.

#8. Germany

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Germany is one of the most innovative countries, scoring three top-five rankings in value-added manufacturing, high-tech density, and patent activity.

Germany also provides a strong, stable economy and a high standard of living. Though there is not much to separate its many major cities, Berlin is particularly attractive to foreign companies and workers.

Berlin is also world-renowned for its nightlife and music, as well as English, is widely spoken, and is a hotbed of young talent. Frankfurt is now a big center for industry and is well on track.

 #9. Denmark

Source: BBC

Denmark is considered as one of the prime countries to startup business without experience, mainly due to its effective digitization process.

It is also one of the easiest European countries making it easier and easier for entrepreneurial ex-pats to set up their own business.

The government has streamlined the start-up process to just a few simple procedures needed to start a new business with minimal costs involved.

#10. United Kingdom

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The UK is widely known to be a business hub, in particular, London – a city that’s regarded as a world leader in business and finance. Due to the UK being such an affluent country, there are an array of opportunities available for aspiring entrepreneurs.

Low costs associated with setting up a startup business, combined with the UK’s entrepreneurial environment contributed greatly to the country’s high ranking.

English is also the first language spoken here, so communication is made easier with other parts of the English speaking world as well as with those whose second language is English.


These countries listed are the easiest places in the world to do startup business, according to the World Bank report.

You can select either of the countries listed above as your base of operations to start a business. However, it is crucial that you research the business policies and laws placed in the country you choose.


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